Security Policy

The Information Security Policy of MTI Technology is built based on the security policy of MTI Group (MTI locate in Japan and Mother company of MTI Technology) . We are always proud that our company provides customers with safe, secure products and services that are trusted by customers.

■ Security Certificate

① ISMS (Information Security Management System) (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)

■ Security Policy (a part as below):

– Antivirus/Malware prevention.
– Apply scheduler operating system security patch.
– Only certificated PCs can access internal network.
– Guest and partner devices can access guest network only (separated with internal network). Guest WIFI password is changed regularly.
– Employees only used licensed software, or trial/demo software version.
– Prohibit the use of the software outside the purpose of work.
– Apply blacklist software.
– Prohibit bring personal computers into the company. Only bring the computer out when work at home.
– Prohibit bring storage devices, such: USB, external disks, …
– Apply security solutions from MTI’s Security department.

■ Environment security policy (a part as below):

– The main working environment is work at the company.
– The remote working environment is flexible, but limited to employees' homes, do not allow working at public places. always use virtual private network (VPN) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) when working remotely.

■ Physical security policy (a part as below):

– Logging access history of employees, employee use fingerprint and smart card to access company.
– Camera data was stored for a specified period of time.

■ Security training:

– Security policy training for all employees.
– Professional training for employees.
– Security awareness training for employees.

■ Security Audit

– Execute security internal audit.
– Execute ISMS audit to maintain ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate.