HealthcareLuna Luna

Luna Luna, a healthcare information service provider with the aim to support women physical and mental health for all women and people around them throughout all life stages.

Using hi-tech methodology, Luna Luna forecasts the next menstrual and ovulation dates providing the most and least fertile dates for women with different purposes in mind. Aside from that, tips on skins and other physical concerns of women can be consulted accessibly and easily and Luna Luna is motivated to cater to all the needs unique to women of all stages whether they are/ are not pregnant or nursing children. In particular, Luna Lunaʼs patented proprietary logic for forecasting ovulation dates and the most fertile dates analyzes big data gathered by Luna Luna and forecasts those dates for each user according to the userʼs menstrual cycle. It notifies the user of the date with the highest probability of pregnancy. Thanks to high-precision forecasting, Luna Luna is highly rated by users as a valuable aid for women who wish to conceive a child. Lastly, all this information can be recorded and a part of it present to doctors without additional tools required.

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