Recruitment Website

Privacy Policy

MTI TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd(MtiTechnology) will use personal information we received when candidate apply job from our recruitment website in following cases.

1. The Means of Personal information

Personal information here we mean is candidate personal information we received when candidates apply job from our recruitment website.
  • Curriculum Vitae, Job History Documents, Informations when candidate apply from our web site form(name,email adress, birthday, tell info, address etc)
  • Communication between MtiTechnology and Candidates in our recruitement activity.
  • Others information, to easy match with other information and available to identify candidates.

2. The Purpose to get information and use information

MtiTechnology will use personal information when candidate apply jobs from our recruitment website in following cases/purposes.
  • The purpose for communication with candidates and giving information to candidates.
  • The purpose for HR task when candidate join this company.
  • The purpose to inform our services and our website information.

3. Disclosure/Offer

MtiTechnology will disclose those information in following cases.
  • The case to get agreement from candidates.
  • The case we have offer from police/publish office/court based on the law.
  • The case to protect rights of MtiTechnology and Property of MtiTechnology and Business of MtiTechnology.

4. Change Policy

MtiTechnology will change this policy without any agreement from candidates.

5. Contact

Please make contact in following mail address