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I believe in
the potentials of Vietnam
and Vietnamese people.



Company Director Kazuhiro Iwai


I first came to Vietnam quite a long time ago, in the year 2004 to be exact. I have been working in the IT industry with Vietnamese people since then, during which I have seen rapid growth of Vietnamese economy with my own eyes. Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi nowadays look very different from when I first came here, and recently economic improvement has spread to other cities as well such as Da Nang. This speed of economic growth is amazing, and very inspiring to me.

I remember that in 2004, most Vietnamese engineers I encountered did not have much practical experience, they were so-called amateurs. It seemed to me that even though they had studied programing in school, they did not know how to apply those knowledge into work. Having said that, I could see their potential by how fast they learned new things, and how much they wanted to become professional. In the beginning, those people started from scratch by receiving training in Japan. Now, most of them have contributed to the expansion of the IT industry in many ways. There are people who climb on top of companies to lead hundreds of development teams, and people who start up their own businesses, and people who work overseas...




Besides those experienced talents, the IT industry of Vietnam has witnessed an increasing number of young engineers whose potentials are very different from those of previous generations.

The young generation has grown up in a time where internet and smartphones are commonplace, so the youths are learning new technologies quickly, absorbing international values easily, fast in catching up with latest trends of the world, and many of them have good command of English. The young generation is less and less chasing the world from behind; instead, they are more and more starting their careers from the first step of believing in their own potentials. As a result, the IT industry of Vietnam is definitely getting on a fast track to keep up with the world’s standard concerning both quality and quantity perspectives.

I believe that when the experienced talents and young generation work together, the IT industry of Vietnam will no longer have to depend on subcontracting projects, instead Vietnamese engineers will come up with new solutions that earn recognition from the world, and those who can adapt well to this transition will be the first to lead this industry to go far.

However, there are still very few chances for Vietnamese engineers to offer their own solutions in the real business world. As a matter of fact, they still have to rely on subcontracting projects from overseas. It saddens me to see that Vietnam has excellent talents, but there is not enough work for those talents to shine, and the Vietnamese themselves still not recognize their potentials yet.





In this background, we at MTI Group have decided to build a company in Vietnam which specializes in developing solution for MTI Group. Nowadays, everywhere we look, like schools and coffee shops and town corners…, we can see people enjoying the benefits of mobile content. They use mobile content to express their feelings via SNS, search information on the internet, listen to music… We at MTI Group provide various mobile solutions to make life better for everyone, such as Music - Video - Healthcare and Lifestyle Information.

With the decision to build this company, we aim at creating more and more helpful mobile solutions. We need excellent engineers who share the same interests of developing solutions like this to collaborate with us. So where can we find those engineers? The answer is simply “Vietnam”. We firmly believe that since Vietnamese engineers join us in solution development, development speed will increase, quality is improved, and more wonderful products can be created.

What we want to do in Vietnam is not simply subcontracting or offshore development. We at MTI Group want to work with Vietnamese engineers as one team to build up the solution business.





We do planning - development and operation for our own products, so obviously we can give you many chances to join in our work. In the beginning, you will take part in our projects, accumulate experiences of solution development in Japan or Vietnam, and gradually become more professional as engineers. Our goal is to create a development team whose technical skills stand No. 1 in Vietnam. After that, you yourself will come up with new ideas, and together we will turn those ideas into practical products of MTI Group, and we will bring those products to Vietnam and the whole world.

We at MTI Group promise to bring you lots of chances. In return, you will put your utmost efforts in our solution development business. As a result, together we will contribute greatly to the growth of the IT industry in Vietnam.

Personally I love Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. I have come to Vietnam many times, and have worked with so many of you Vietnamese people, so I won’t ever betray you, there’s nothing to be worried about (laugh).

I look forward to working with you all.

Company Director
Kazuhiro Iwai