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Senior QA

Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen

Q1 Simple self-introduction

My name is Thinh Nguyen Van, 28 years old. I have 6 years experience in the quality assurance of software, 4 years for manual test and 2 years for automation test. I love to inquire new things, communicate with people and play sports such as soccer, swimming.

Q2 What is your main duties?

I take on the job as a quality assurance software engineer . Based on the knowledge of testing, I assist to control and making software product, which is not only have good quality but also minimise the number of bug and friendly with the customer, I also built the quality assurance software process to let the product’s quality more and more completed.

Q3 What made you decide to join Mti technology?

The working environment is very friendly, international and professional, it make me improve my skills,my communication and have a great opportunity to learn from international co-worker. I feel like this is the environment that can help me to improve myself and my career in the future.

Q4 What kind of company do you think Mti technology is?

In my opinion I find that Mti technology is a professional and dynamic software company, with the directed products which is served to the entertainment and healthcare for the Japanese market. Mti technology is an international company with experienced staff from multinational and invested from MTI Corporation.

Q5 What kind of times do you feel the worth or satisfaction in your work?

This environment can help me develop my career oriented in the future, where I can make my contributions to the company.

Q6 What kind of things do you enjoy or feel difficult in your work?

To do quality assurance for a software always bring me the pressure and challenges, it helps me constantly learn, improve my knowledge and teach me to be able to keep up with developments in the technology industry, this job help me become more dynamic, besides that I’ve also learned to be more careful and have many more experience from the project i have joined.

Q7 Please tell me your future prospects or career vision.

In 3 more years, I have planned to focus on developing and adding more knowledge about developing the testing process, knowledge about manual testing and i also learn about developing and testing automation for mobile and website. Furthermore I hope with my knowledge, i can manage and develop the company's QA team. I find that all those things above are suitable with the company's direction and i hope that in the future i can grow together with the company as well.


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