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Nozomi Sakai

Nozomi Sakai

Q1 Simple self-introduction

I am MTI Japan Staff.
Now I am staying in Vietnam and working with Vietnam member.My mother is Traditional Calligrapher, So I loved making something/Drawing since I was child, I just went to University of the Arts in Japan and mainly studied Graphic Design/Editoria Design in the University.
After graduated the University, I worked in Design Company and had a lots of experiences about UI/UX Design. After that, I worked as a freelancer, finally joined in MTI.

Q2 What is your main duties?

BSE between Japan and Vietnam and also work with UI design and Proxy Product Owner.

Q3 What made you decide to join Mti technology?

When I was in freelancer , I am studying/working about UI/UX Design. However, I feel it is quite difficult to reach more about UI/UX design as a freelancer because freelance is kind of outsoucing and could not work important task. So I changed mind that join product company from freelancer and work more about UI/UX Design and work with team together.
So finally I just joined in MTI.

Q4 What kind of company do you think Mti technology is?

Each staff works with pride of working and proffessional mind, and usually staff are working with their smiles.
A lots of foreigner staff are working in MTI, and many languages is spoken in company, also all member respect their culture/background each other.
I think if you work in MTI/Mti technology, you can work with more global environment.

Q5 What kind of times do you feel the worth or satisfaction in your work?

More exciting work here is. All member with team focus on goals and also making services/products for users/client together.

Q6 What kind of things do you enjoy or feel difficult in your work?

Most interesting work here is thinking about client/users, understanding them well, and going to the goals user/client wants. and I also feel intersted when staff are working with smile and laughing as well. Most hard task (it is also important though) is disscusing/negotiating with JP team because actually BSE work is just challenge for me ,I am studying BSE task and also Management everyday. We have many profeesional staff in our team so I can study those works from them everyday.

Q7 Please tell me your future prospects or career vision.

Though It is just another challenge for me, would like to change enviroment for making product in the future. Usually developer are thinking about developing, designers are thinking about design,PO(Planinng) are thinkig about Product Plan, However, I hope making product for all member to work together even other fields, example, Developer are thinking about also UI/UX, Desigenr are also thinking about Developing. If all member just understaing members well, I think we can change those enviroment/process for product. and finally would like to deliver products that users/client are feeling comfortable.


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