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Middle Software Engineer

Do Khoi Nguyen

Do Khoi Nguyen

Q1 Simple self-introduction

My name is Do Khoi Nguyen 27 years old and single. I have 4 years experience in Software Development. My hobby is reading book, traveling and learning new foreign language. I am the one who is tender, hard_worker, inquisitive spirit and enjoy working with others. I adapted myseft to professional environment and take the initiative in all work.

Q2 What is your main duties?

I take a role as a Software Development Engineer, give some code currents to create an amazing application. Based on .NET basis and evolve these applications, which belong to healthcare’s field and also bring the convenience for the end user. By this application, the user can send prescription directly to the phamarcy and start to exchange, which can curtail the waiting time. This application is just like a note book for one who looks up the common diseases as well as archive the history of pathology and so many more useful features.

Q3 What made you decide to join Mti technology?

With the great culture ,friendly and professional environment which is suitable with my career’s orientation so that’s why I choose Mti technology is where I pursue my passion.

Q4 What kind of company do you think Mti technology is?

In my viewpoint I see that Mti technology is a professional software company, dynamic and always know how to apply new technology to project to enhance maximally of product quality. Furthermore, with the support from MTI Corporation in Japan, I believe Mti technology will develop more and more in the future.

Q5 What kind of times do you feel the worth or satisfaction in your work?

I am so greatful with the company's policy, the friendliness between the team members. On top of that, as a developer I enjoy to work with my favorite technologies and I have been supported from the managers very well.

Q6 What kind of things do you enjoy or feel difficult in your work?

In the field of software, frequently having the difficult technical problems of the algorithm is inevitable, there was a few times when I felt stressed in how to solve the problem. But with all of the support of my experienced co-workers, in the end everything is fine.

Q7 Please tell me your future prospects or career vision.

At this moment, I feel very delighted with the work environment at Mti technology as well as company’s policy for employees. Further I'd expect the company to create more opportunities and challenges for me to improve and pursue my passion.


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