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The challenge As a project manager always makes me
feel excited

Project Manager

Chanh Phung

Chanh Phung

Q1 Simple self-introduction

I am Chanh Phung Quang. I have 7 years of experience in the software development and 2 years of experience with project manager. I love to work in a dynamic environment where people support together to improve themselves as well as a positive contribution to the development of the company. Last but not least I really love sports especially football.

Q2 What is your main duties?

As a project manager I’m in charged of all matters which is related to the product, working with development teams (developer), product testing teams (tester) and communicate directly with the customer, discuss and give comments on the essential features of the product and take part in the process of estimating the user’s experience to make sure that the products not only reach the successfully index but also satisfy the customer and the end user.

Q3 What made you decide to join Mti technology?

I have had many years of working in outsourcing environment, accumulate a number of technical experience as well as the software development process. Because i have enough knowledge and experience so it's time to get oppoturnity to participate in for development full packacge product which is from the very beginning idea period (idea) to develop the product for the user (end user). Mti technology is a company which is oriented to develop the product with the team be rich of experience , dynamic environment with many professional expert from many countries. That is why I choose Mti technology for the journey of my career development.

Q4 What kind of company do you think Mti technology is?

Mti technology is a product development company, especially a lot of interesting product come from MTI Corporation. Work environment at Mti technology is very dynamic with many professionals from many countries. The company’s orientation is to build a strong team of engineers, which is sturdy on the techniques and can develop projects on many different platform. (Multi skill and Fullstack dev).

Q5 What kind of times do you feel the worth or satisfaction in your work?

I love to work in a dynamic environment of the company and satisfied with company’s policies. Be approached to the new technologies and have experience in the challenge of product management process with a large number of users always made me feel excited.

Q6 What kind of things do you enjoy or feel difficult in your work?

As the role of project management, at first I had a lot of difficulties to unite everyone in the team, discussion’s issue and to convince the clients. Through many difficulties I have learnt many lessons which improve my ability to manage and use for the next project in the future.

Q7 Please tell me your future prospects or career vision.

For my direction in the future, I want to build and develop products that bring more conveniences for daily life, that is also Mti technology company’s direction. I desire to contribute for Mti technology to become a powerful Japanese technology company with a lot of products bring many convenience for life. At present, we are developing some products about health’s care, weather forecast and entertainment, etc


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