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Our Strength

Developing Strength Developing Strength

Developing Strength

As smartphone becomes more and more popular, developers need to keep updating their knowledge about new and various technoliges.

Our company focuses on applying agile development methods, as well as education research both in and outside the company. We are building teams of members who are the fastest in making use of cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, by cooperating with leading businesses in the IT industry, actively participating in overseas forums, we keep learning about the latest trend and technologies in the world, and always enhance our developing strengh to respond to the most advanced technologies.

Quality Control Strength Quality Control

Quality Control Strength

In order to guarantee our service quality, every quality standard and procedure of all working phases are transparent.

Moreover, we adopt production methods from the manufacturers, set time for standard phases and educate our staff strictly as well as manage statistics carefully in order to create high-quality products.

Our Service

Our Service

We give shape to the world's demand.

In this era of sponteneousness, in school, in town, in coffee shop etc., everywhere we look, we can see people having fun with their Mobile Content. They use it to express their feelings via SNS, search for information, listen to music etc. These are examples of Mobile Content which is advancing with incredible speed.

As we move forward to the future, it has taken up an indispensable role in our lives, been enriching our lifestyles ever since. We want to satisfy all those expectations and become the Top Runner on our path to the future. We will continuously provide you with services that can "stay for a life time", and aim to become the "Mobile Dream Factory" that shapes your dreams.

Core Business

Content Distribution Service

We provide plentiful services via mobile sites and applications to make your everyday life more fun and convenient, such as "Music", "Healthcare", "E-Reading", "Life Info", "Entertainment" etc.

Continue to increase the number of smartphone services paid users

Our company attemps to continue increasing the number of people who pay for smartphone services by actively running promotions, continuous effort to come up with fascinating services, along with being the first to provide those services for smartphone.


Company Name MTI Technology
Address 8 Floor, Pico Plaza Building,
20 Cong Hoa,Tan Binh Dist,HCMC, Vietnam

23th Floor, Vietinbank Building
36 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang City
Established Oct, 2016
Number of Member 100 members at that time
Current member skills ASP.NET, PHP, Android, Object-C, Swift, Java, AWS, Azure, Git, Xamarin, SQL Server